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Sales Eye - The Year in Sales Eye 2003 (Dec 15th, 2003)



The Year in Sales Eye 2003

15th December 2003


With this last Sales Eye of 2003, we would like to thank the many readers who have sent us their kind comments and feedback regarding our articles. Not a business mixer goes by without someone coming up to us exclaiming "We loved that last article!"


As you can tell, we eat, breathe and sleep "the salesman's life" and take great pleasure in presenting our ideas to Business Journal readers. As an end of year service, we have prepared a summary of the articles published this year as a handy index. You can get copies of these articles through or just send us an e-mail and we'll send you a printed set.


Thanks for reading. And have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.


Setting your sales strategy (March 24-30)

How sales reps and managers should go about setting their sales strategies. We discuss key account strategy and suggest that you thoroughly review your historical sales.


Time is on your side (April 7-13)

The keys to effective time management. There is never enough time in the day, but proper planning and a well-thought-out sales strategy are the keys to success. More meetings and calls = more sales. It's not rocket science. Get out there!


The greatest show on earth (April 21-27)

If you want to gain one hundred qualified leads and have thirty meetings in one day, then think trade shows. In this article, we share our guidelines for preparing and organizing your industry trade show.


Six steps to a winning presentation (May 5-11)

Our proven six-step approach begins with research and ends with responsible and co-ordinated follow-up. Part one of this series focused on what you must do before you even set foot in the client's office.


A winning presentation - Part 2 (May 19-25)

Part two focuses on the presentation itself. We discuss the introduction, presentation tips and techniques and the trial close. A key during presentations is to discuss the client and the benefits for them; keep that 'history of your firm' section to a minimum.


Is your sales team ready for the EU? (June 2-8)

EU entry is right around the corner, are you ready? What are the issues that your management team should be considering when setting your sales and marketing strategy for 2004? Staffing needs, competition and pricing are all addressed when considering the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Overcoming the price objection (June 16-22)

Price is the number one objection from your client. If you can't handle this objection, you shouldn't be in sales, but it is amazing how many sales reps get it wrong. This is how you should overcome the price objection and double your sales!


The Monday morning sales meeting (June 30-July 6)

How to run a proper sales staff meeting. Includes our take on the goals of a meeting and a sample agenda.



The perfect sales rep (July 14-20)

In this article we discuss the traits that you should look for in a person that will achieve superior sales performance. Gems like "self-motivated" and "goal oriented" are described as well as attitude and communication skills.


Recruiting the perfect sales rep (August 4-24)

How do you hire your sales reps? Is it hit or miss? Here we address the issues you should consider before rushing into it. Copy this one and send it to your HR department.


Training the perfect sales rep (August 25-September 7)

First you define the perfect rep, then you recruit them, now you have to train them. In this final article of the series, we describe the keys to designing an effective training program.


Keys to effective networking (September 8-14)

Networking is the most cost effective way to attract new business. Do you want to make thirty good contacts in two hours? Do you have a ten second commercial? Includes what you should be prepared for before attending that next business mixer.


Putting the telephone to work for you (September 22-28)

Everybody hates cold calling, but it is a necessary evil. In this article, we lay-out the guidelines for improving your success on the telephone. We address getting through the gate-keepers and how to guarantee an appointment every time.


Stop your complaining! (October 6-12)

The sales process is a bumpy road, and you will no doubt have problems and complaints. If you want to turn those complaining customers into loyal ones, read this article.


Pump up your sales in the fourth quarter (October 20-26)

Most of all, get off your ass and sell! We received a lot of positive feedback on this article, in which we discussed eight concrete things you can do to increase your sales. Just between us, this plan works all year, don't wait until October to implement it.


It's sales budgeting time! (November 3-9)

Our system for designing quotas, budgets and setting goals for the next year. Includes "stretch targets" and how to align individual department goals with those of your company.


It's time for Thanks Giving! (November 17-23)

In this edition, we address the keys to effective gift giving. Without your customers, what have you got? Take the time to thank them appropriately and deliver a genuine message that says "We appreciate your business."


Dress for sales success (December 1-7)

Sales fashion tips from the Lynch brothers. Our Mom would be proud. "Straighten that tie and shine those shoes!"


Upcoming Articles. In 2004, we are planning more interviews with experts from the sales world, including sales trainers, sales managers and sales reps themselves. We also want to introduce a "Dear Abby" format once a quarter that allows sales reps and managers to send in sales-related questions that we will answer in the column. Please get in contact with us through See you in January!




From Warsaw Business Journal by John Lynch, Matt Lynch -"The Sales Brothers"